Matraholding LLC.

MATRAHOLDING LLC. as an international consulting agency owned by Hungarian private individuals, has been active in multiple economic segments since its incorporation in 1991. Its business activity entails financial consultancy, liquidation process management, crises management, reorganization, real estate development and management.

MATRAHOLDING LLC. made a name of itself as the market leader liquidator and insolvency practitioner corporation of Hungary. The management coordinated several thousands of successful liquidation processes for the Hungarian Government, including the liquidation of numerous large enterprises which played key-rolls in their economic segments. Due to the social and national or regional importance of these processes our experts must exercise due care and many times extreme precision in these projects.

The MATRAHOLDING network consists of 19 regional offices beside the Headquarter in Budapest, and employed more than a hundred highly-skilled financial-, accounting-, engineering-, legal experts.
Our corporation had not adopted new liquidation assignments since 2014, however we still run and close those processes we launched in the past.

We are a proud member of the Hungarian Real-Estate Association, therefore we have wide range of experiences in the field of property valuation, as well as various references from bank financing to real-estate developments.

MATRAHOLDING is the developer and operator of the Correctional Facility of Szombathely/Vas county in collaboration with the Hungarian Prison Service and the Ministry of Interior.

Our team has been eagerly looking for new business opportunities for MATRAHOLDING. The Holding established its first confectionery manufacturing plant in Gyöngyös / Hungary in 2017. The Hungarian Government provided 3 Million Euro as a development subsidy in 2021.

We have also prepared the concept of an Ethyl-acetate manufacturing facility in the previous year. MATRAHOLDING’s subsidiaries have been managing a significant real-estate portfolio.

Our main goal recently is entering the international market with our consulting services and generating even more successful project with the inclusion of Hungarian enterprises.