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Each member of the International Business Development Unit at MATRAHOLDING has more than two decades of experiences in the fileds of chemical industry, electricity development, international banking and finance, education and confectionery industry.

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Matraholding higher education in the APAC region

Alfred Nobel Open Business School / Hong-Kong

The Hong-Kong based Alfred Nobel Open Business School Ltd. – as a subsidiary of MATRAHOLDING LLC. – is a professional umbrella holding, which uses its institutional relations to provide the highest standards of academic activities. We are proud to outsource other prestigious university and college partners and their reputable scholars and curricula by striving for scholarly excellence from a more pragmatic, business-related perspective.

Alfred Nobel Business School

Angolan-Hungarian development projects

Angola hálózatfejlesztés

For decades, Angola’s national electricity grid had major supply gaps: There was no interconnection between the northern, central, and southern parts of the country, leading to regional power shortages and unreliable service. These “grid islands” also contributed to Angola’s relatively low electrification rate of approximately 43 percent in most cities and less than 10 percent in rural areas.

Therefore increasing the access to electric power is a high priority for the Government of Angola, which has set targets of 9.9 gigawatts (GW) of installed generation capacity and a 60% electrification rate by 2025.

The Government of Hungary is committed to facilitating these goals by providing its national electricity grid development capacity and competence to the Government of Angola as stated in the „Economic and technical co-operation agreement between the government of hungary and the government of the Republic of Angola” as of 2017 (implemented by the Government of Hungary in 278/2017. (IX. 22.) Korm. rendelet).

Hungary has numerous certified full-line electric technology suppliers, which have manufacturing plants on three continents and a worldwide network of sales offices and specialized agents serving customers in over 135 countries. More than 500,000 Power Systems transformers are currently in use throughout the world.

The Hungarian electricity technology service providers have special expertise in the field of electricity distribution in rural areas within a multi-network national system.

The Hungarian expertise and the above-mention capacities would mean significant added value to the recent complex electricity grid development of the Government of Angola.

In collaboration with the Hungarian Government, MATRAHOLDING coordinates the hungarian electricity grid development community to deliver result in international projects.

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