Real estate development and management

DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT is a particular skill which very few firms can credibly purport to have. Effective development management is about assembling and managing a large and disparate group of interests and disciplines towards a common goal. MATRAHOLDING’s development experience and expertise enables land owners, investors and funders to extract value at all stages of the development cycle.


Real estate development

Our services cover every phase of your development project from land acquisition through co-ordination of planning, optioneering, design, legal, financial, technical and commercial aspects to delivery of a completed turnkey building.

The team has delivered new development projects as well as the redevelopment and refurbishment of existing properties. We are currently working on a number of projects mainly in residential sectors with a gross development value of excess € 55m.

Property development service

Facility management

We have expertise in a whole range of FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES including technical service management, assets management, building maintenance, access control, deep cleaning, energy management, space planning, project management, front-of-house services, grounds maintenance, waste management, HVAC systems, mail management, commercial cleaning, workspace management and pest control.

Facility management service

All of our services are carefully designed to combine client and consumer insights with industry best practice to help you optimize your assets, while giving consumers and employees confidence that their health, safety and welfare is a priority.

Main projects

Correctional facility of Szombathely/Vas county

Szombathelyi BV intézet
Szomathelyi BV


Matraholding is the operator of the correctional facility of Szombathely/Vas county in collaboration with the Hungarian Prison Service.

Völgy street, luxury estate in the greenest disctrict of Budapest

Völgy utca lakóingatlan

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Völgy utca lakóingatlan
Völgy utca lakóingatlan

Veres Pálné street, luxury home project in the heart of Budapest

Veres Pálné utca Luxus ingatlan

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Veres Pálné utca Luxus ingatlan
Veres Pálné utca Luxus ingatlan